Launch of the CBA Migrant Employment & Legal Advisory Service

CBA is pleased to announce that its launching a new service in response to the need to help migrant students &  workers with legal representation and advice.   Saunders & Co, assisted by University of Canterbury School of Law student interns will be helping CBA members with legal questions.

To get help on any legal matter, including business or employment related matters contact CBA via this e-mail

CBA hopes to be a trusted name in migrant problem resolution and legal representation and wishes to thank University of Canterbury as well as Saunders and Co for their participation in this service.

The service will be launched with Dame Susan Devoy among other distinguished guests at a fundraising dinner on March 3rd at Te Hapua Halswell Community Center 6pm. Tickets to the event can be purchased with a complimentary membership years subscription into CBA.  Click this link to join CBA and attend the Dinner